This Week In Worship

Back when I first started into the ministry I read an article by Dr. Charles Allen, who was renowned at the time as being one of the great preachers in Methodism. He served in our conference for a number of years and then was called to serve as senior pastor of the Houston First UMC in Texas. Dr. Allan observed that whenever God calls a church to move forward to attempt greater things for God and His kingdom invariable one or more of the following statements will be said by some of the members of that congregation. He titled the article “Seven Steps to Stagnation.”

1. We have never done it that way before.
2. We are not ready for that yet.
3. We are doing alright without it.
4. We tried that once before and it didn’t work.
5. It costs too much.
6. That is not our responsibility.
7. That will never work here.

Last week in worship we focused on a group of people who were on the verge of entering into one of God’s greatest blessings if they would only continue to move forward yet they turned away. The “Seven Steps to Stagnation” became their focus. This week we will look at group of people who, when faced with the same opportunity, did not turn away and as a result experienced the joy of being blessed by God. Our scripture will be Joshua 1:1-9 and the title of my message is “Taking the Leap of Faith”

The Chancel Choir will be singing two beautiful works of music; “Great is the Lord” will be the Call to Worship” and “The Song of Isaiah” will be the anthem. At the 11:00 service we will be celebrating in the baptism of Julius, one of our second grade students in the Trinity School. Julius and I have met and discussed his desire and it is genuine and he is definitely ready.

Please keep the three Sunday worship services in your prayers as we are asking God to do great things in our hearts and in the heart of the Trinity UMC.

-Pastor Steve

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